Truck Accidents

Large commercial trucks are a common sight on Virginia’s highways. Interstate 95 – which runs top-to-bottom through Virginia and all the way down into Florida – is a major trucking route prone to serious tractor-trailer accidents. Meanwhile, Interstate 64 is used by big rigs traveling from the ports of Hampton Roads to Roanoke and Western Virginia.

 Because of their massive size and weight, truck accidents are often the most devastating of all motor vehicle accidents, causing debilitating injuries and even wrongful death. Why Do Truck Accidents Happen? The trucking business is one of America’s most competitive industries.

Because of this heavy competition, many motor carriers place too much pressure on their drivers, often imposing unrealistic schedules on deliveries. When a trucker’s paycheck is contingent upon how quickly they make a delivery, or how many miles they drive in a day, it’s easy to see why some truck drivers make compromises and operate their vehicles in unsafe circumstances. A few of the most common causes of truck accidents include:

•Fatigued drivers


•Overloaded trailers

•Improperly-secured loads

•Defective brakes

•Drug use

•Inadequate maintenance

In every single one of these situations, truck accidents are preventable. Sometimes, the fault can be traced back to the trucking company itself for placing the driver on an impossible schedule, or to a maintenance company that allowed a hazardous truck back out on the road. Trucking Companies Have Lawyers: Do You? Whenever a truck accident happens, motor carrier companies will quickly send their own lawyers and investigators out to the scene of the accident.

These representatives will interview witnesses, collect evidence, and take possession of the truck’s logs and data records to protect the trucking company’s interests. Because of this, it is all the more essential that you hire an experienced truck accident lawyer to protect your rights. Our Norfolk, Virginia truck accident attorneys at The Cooper Hurley Law Firm will work tirelessly to ensure that all of the evidence in your case is thoroughly examined, and any party that contributed to the circumstances of your accident is held accountable.

If you have been seriously injured in a truck accident caused by a careless trucker, please contact us today to schedule a free personal consultation with John Cooper or Jim Hurley. If you cannot make it out to our offices conveniently, we will come to you anywhere across the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Cooper Hurley Law Firm has offices in Norfolk and Virginia Beach, representing injured victims throughout Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Newport News, and the Hampton Roads area. (Please be sure to schedule an appointment before visiting our Virginia Beach location.) Our 18-wheeler accident attorneys work on big truck cases all across the state, from Emporia to Richmond, and Winchester to Williamsburg. .