She’s been hurt in a Virginia Beach car accident; what now?

By John Cooper, Virginia Beach Accident Injury Lawyer

As an experienced personal injury attorney working for over 20 years helping people hurt in car accident cases in Virginia Beach I can tell you the basic things that you need to know immediately following this unexpected and unfortunate situation.  The basics of what you need to do after a car wreck with an injury to your loved one are as follows:

1.         Get the police to the scene of the collision.  It is always better to have the police do a report than not.  The police will verify the information for the other driver and give it to you and will pinpoint exactly what day, time and place the wreck occurred.  If you don’t have the police come to the scene then the other driver can make up whatever lies they want to about how it happened and you may not be able to reconstruct all the necessary information about the accident later;

2.         Get the medical attention as needed as soon as possible.  The best thing is to go ahead and go to an emergency room at the closest hospital by ambulance from the scene.  If you for whatever reason have declined immediate emergent medical assistance then go by private car to an emergency room as soon as possible preferably the same day if you are having any physical symptoms from the car wreck.

The reason to get the immediate treatment is to make sure that you get whatever medical attention you may need.  Often the problem is worse than you think because the adrenaline rush at the scene of the collision may cause you to not realize just how badly hurt you are.  Over my 20‑year career I see that happen time and time again.  People are in even greater pain on the second and third day after the wreck than they were on the first or second day.  It is always best to get checked out when in doubt; and

3.         Contact a personal injury attorney who specializes in helping people hurt in car accidents like the lawyers at the Cooper Hurley Law Firm.  Your personal injury lawyer can then tell you how to best deal with your own insurance company and the at‑fault driver’s insurance company as well as answer your questions about using your own health insurance to pay some of the medical bills.  An experienced personal injury attorney knows the answers to the questions that always come in these situations.  It doesn’t cost anything to hire the lawyers at Cooper Hurley in that we don’t require any money up‑front like a retainer.  All we need is your word that you are going to hire us and our decision that we want to be hired.  At that point you can get all the advice you need from somebody who has seen the situation hundreds if not thousands of times before.

The Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Hampton, VA personal injury law firm, Cooper Hurley, handles car, truck, and motorcycle injuries as well as brain injury, wrongful death, railroad workers’ injuries (FELA) mesothelioma and medical malpractice cases.
Cooper Hurley represents people hurt in accidents in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News and throughout Virginia as well as in north eastern North Carolina. If you need help or advice about a serious injury, please call us at (757) 309-4711 or make an appointment to visit our Virginia Beach client meeting location at 4445 Corporation Lane, Suite #187, Virginia Beach, VA, 23462. For a free consultation with a specialized Virginia Beach, Norfolk or Hampton, VA personal injury lawyer contact us through this website. Our motto is: “Your Injury, Our Fight.”



About Cooper Hurley Law

Experienced personal injury attorneys John Cooper and Jim Hurley are the partners of the Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers. They are joined by attorneys Griff O'Hanlon and Bill O'Mara. The firm has a main office in Norfolk and client meeting locations in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News, Suffolk, Hampton, Portsmouth and the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Cooper Hurley works with clients who have been injured in car, truck and motorcycle accidents, those who have lost a loved one in a wrongful death, and people hurt at businesses and by dangerous products.
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